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TEC Sterling Grill Rebuild

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Posted by Gary B. Davis on November 04, 2016 at 15:41:27:

After 12 years I need to put new burners in my TEC grill. I've gone through two sets of cooking grates so I'll be replacing those as well. If you know TEC grills, you know this is an expensive endeavor but hey, it's a TEC.

I could go with TEC original parts but there is one place selling after market burners and grates. I like the after market v-grates and can see how they might be an improvement over the original U shape so I think I'll try them even if they are a bit more money. They also offer an after market burner assembly and its over $100 cheaper including the screen. The manufacture is Rasmussen.

The company is Anybody have any experience with them or these after market parts?


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